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  • Catching Up With My Fluffy Puffs

    The interview with Alyssa - MyFluffyPuffs

    In the effort to maximize and help the wave industry, also the family of men and women that enjoy healthy hair, Topwavers brings you MyFluffyPuffs.
    The Brand is the brain child of a Nubian queen named Alyssa aka “Fluffy”. This queen created this brand by accident “literally”, because of a car accident in 2016 and some major free time on her hands she made “MyFluffyPuffs”. That is proof that you can do anything you actually want to do, you only hold yourself back from greatness. Her brand represents the African diaspora of accepting our beauty and heritage. She puts focus on afro and curly textures but her products can be used with straight  hair also. For straight hair wavers she recommends the Tropical Mango & Monoi, the lightweight of the mango seed promote healthy hair along with great shine and style. Everyt .  hing she makes is made from fruit and vegetables. Her products made from raw and organic ingredients, no crazy materials here that you can’t spell or say without a PhD. With the natural ingredients the smell varies based on the product, but they still smell great. Oh and if you’re wondering about build-up of product in your hair, all the products are water based. She tries to voids using silicones, so your hair is left feeling soft and manageable.
    MyFluffyPuffs is in the process of developing a growth oil so there will be more to come from this brand and this queen isn’t stopping there. Good luck from Topwavers. I know the masses of people reading this can’t wait to get your products.

                                      Hyrice Tomlin

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